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Bundle "Isolator" - Mr Fogger Junior

Bundle "Isolator" - Mr Fogger Junior

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  • MFJ - fog generator
  • Fog tube (3 meters long and 85mm diameter)
  • Fog tube (3 meters long and 60mm diameter)
  • Remote control
  • Power connector
  • 8mm Allen Key
  • Transportcase
  • Fog Outlet, Reduction
  • Fog Outlet, Extension
  • Fog Outlet, Fog Curtain Straight
  • Fog Outlet, Fog Curtain 90 degree
  • 3 x Fog Curtain, 35 cm each
  • Telescopic Rod, 114 -308 cm
  • Telescopic Rod, 82 - 126 cm
  • 8 x Velcro, 45 cm
  • Hardcase for accessories
  • Product information

    Our innovative fog generator is specifically developed for the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. With its compact size, it fits perfectly into any workbench and allows for a precise and effective representation of airflows.

    Rely on our proven technology and benefit from the ease of use and reliability of our fog generator. Discover now the possibilities this innovative helper offers and optimize your work processes.

    For more information and orders, please visit our website or contact our sales team. Let yourself be convinced by the versatility and advantages of our fog generator!


      Mr Fogger Senior Mr Fogger Junior
    Weight Total 24,5 kg 13 kg
    Dimensions 345 x 335 x 520 mm 245 x 244 x 257 mm
    Number of ultrasonic nebulizers 45 20
    Working time on max output 45 minutes 35 minutes
    Water tank size 6 Liters 2 Liters
    Useable liquids WFI, DI, destilled water WFI, DI, destilled water
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