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100% WFI Water. 100% Made in Germany.
Shipping worldwide. Tomorrow.

The best-handling yet powerful clean-room fog generator
and the system that suits
all your needs

What's a WFI cleanroom fog generator?

The clean-room fog generator "Mr. Fogger" is used in smoke studies for airflow visualization using distilled or WFI Water to produce a pure fog to visually describe airflow, patterns and turbulence in semiconductor clean rooms, pharmaceutical ISO suites, bio-safety cabinets, compound pharmacies and medical rooms for contamination control.

Does it suit for your application?


Rely on our proven technology and benefit from the ease of use and reliability of our fog generator. Our fog generators provide you with numerous accessories that help you further optimize your visualizations. From special nozzles to individually adjustable fog intensities – you have full control over your smoke studies.

Our innovative MFJ fog generator is specifically designed for the requirements in BSCs


Our innovative MFJ WFI fog generator is specifically designed for the requirements in BSCs and isolators. With its compact size, it fits perfectly into any setup and allows for a precise and effective depiction of airflow.


The powerful WFI fog generator MFS is ideal for RAPS systems and entire cleanrooms. It generates fine fog for airflow testing to verify the purity and quality of the production environment.


The powerful WFI fog generator MFS is also an ideal solution for room qualifications. It produces a large amount of fine fog, which is used for visualizing airflows and verifying room air quality. Powerful and durable, it aids in the validation of cleanrooms.

Why you can rely on Mr-Fogger


Cleanroom experience

Trust our many years of experience and expertise. For many years, we have been a leader in the industry and have built a reputation for outstanding quality and reliable products. With our WFI fog generator, you can rely on top-notch performance and precise results.


Customers worldwide

Trust in our proven solutions, as renowned pharmaceutical companies worldwide like Novartis, Boehringer, and J&J rely on us. Our WFI fog generators have established themselves as reliable and efficient solutions that meet the stringent demands of the industry. Join the ranks of satisfied customers in the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.


Made in germany

Trust in our products, as with us, you receive quality "Made in Germany". Our WFI fog generators are manufactured in Germany with the highest precision and care. With our many years of experience and the use of high-quality materials, we offer you reliable solutions for your requirements.


Personal support

With us, you receive not only high-quality products but also customer-oriented support that is there to assist you with any questions or concerns. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide you with expertise and support. Rely on our first-class customer service.

The key advantages

Discover the outstanding key features of our WFI fog generator: powerful, precise, efficient. With its fine fog, it enables particle visualization and airflow tests for optimal room qualification.


The sophisticated

pump technology ensures an optimal level for the nebulizers and guarantees consistent fog quality throughout the entire duration of use.


With the remote control, the MFS can be operated at any time in all functions, even if the fog unit is, for example, inside a closed isolator.



Designed for use in clean and ultra-clean environments.


Our fog generators are operated with highly purified WFI

(Water for Injection) and therefore leave no residues.

Mr Fogger Senior
Mr Fogger Junior
Weight Total
24,5 kg
13 kg
345 x 335 x 520 mm
245 x 244 x 257 mm
Number of ultrasonic nebulizers
Working time on max output
45 minutes
35 minutes
Water tank size
6 Liters
2 Liters
Useable liquids
WFI, DI, destilled water
WFI, DI, destilled water

The new MFJ - Pre-Order now

MFS Produkt-Set 01.2 - All in One mit Rakete.jpg

Best selling package

The powerful WFI fog generator MFS is ideal for RAPS systems and entire cleanrooms. It generates fine fog for airflow testing to verify the purity and quality of the production environment. It is currently our best selling package.

Our services



Rent our high-quality WFI fog generators for your visualizations. Flexible, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.



Buy your own powerful WFI fog generator and benefit from long-term reliability and flexibility. Generate precise fog for cleanroom testing and airflow visualization. Invest in quality and sustainability.



Take advantage of our professional service for airflow visualization. Experienced experts accompany and advise you, making airflows in cleanrooms or ventilation systems visible. Receive high-end video quality and optimize your processes through our expertise.

Leading brands that choose our


"The MFS unit is an excellent piece of equipment for generating fog compliantly within our sterile cleanrooms and is incredibly easy and safe to use. I recommend this unit to anyone handling their own airflow pattern visualisation testing."

Ryan Goodliff - Senior Validation Engineer - Allergy Therapeutics, UK

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